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During PAT testing in Cheshire West, our members inspect your electrical appliances and verify their safety.

The electrical safety of your property not only depends on a safe, high quality electrical installation. You need to make sure your appliances are safe too.

PAT testing is a thorough inspection of the appliances in your property. If you provide appliances with a property, it’s on you to make sure those are as safe as your installation.

By appliance, we don’t just mean an oven or induction job. Appliance means any electrical device that connects to your installation.

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For each of your appliances, our members:

  1. Visually inspect the appliance, checking for frayed or damaged wiring.
  2. Verify the appliance is adequately earthed
  3. Verify that live wiring is adequately insulated from metallic surfaces
  4. Issue the appliance with a pass or fail depending on what we find

All appliances go through step one. And for some appliances that’s all you need to do. But some appliances are considered higher risk. And those appliances need closer inspection. Each of your appliances falls under a certain PAT class. All appliances are classified based on the risk posed. Riskier appliances need more thorough inspection.


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The benefits of PAT testing

PAT testing in Cheshire West is proven to be the best way to safeguard your business, employees & visitors safety within your premises. A regular preventative maintenance program also ensures that all reasonable steps have been taken to comply with current health & safety legislation.

Furthermore, it can also prove you have not been negligent in cases where claims arise against your business or where you need to claim for insurance in cases of loss or damage.

the dangers of electricity

The dangers of electricity

An electric shock can kill or seriously injure and this is one of the hazards that electrical safety legislation is intended to protect against.

The legal duty is to ensure that if danger would result, electrical equipment must be maintained to prevent such danger. Inspection and testing are the means of determining whether maintenance is required and your risk based assessment should include the following to determine the frequency of testing:

  • The environment
  • The users
  • The equipment construction
  • The equipment type
  • The frequency of use
  • The type of installation methods
  • Previous records

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Our members are trained to test all types of appliances from domestic 240v appliances and sensitive IT equipment, 110v tools, 16 & 32 Amp commercial equipment and 415 volt 3 phase industrial equipment. You will receive a full report detailing the locations and types of appliances tested providing you with an asset register and certificate. For more information or a free quotation for PAT testing in Cheshire West please contact our members today.